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#99352 - 06/19/05 02:21 AM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
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Actually, AFAIK, H3O doesn't exist; heavy water is D2O (or di-deuterium oxide) aka water with 2 extra neutrons. Oxygen doesn't have any spare electrons to form the third bond with hydrogen called for by JohnK's formula.
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#99353 - 06/19/05 04:25 AM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
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Of course I was just kidding around that I couldn't even remember H2O(there is actually a positively charged hydronium cation with a hydrogen ion and water molecule equaling H3O+), but curiosity led me to investigate, and the magic of Google brought me this wondrous product. When I rushed to order, however, I discovered that the store, tragically, had been "temporarily closed".

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#99354 - 06/20/05 12:37 PM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
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I dunno, between the heat, humidity, and salt air........rot, tarnish, rust etc. eventually find their way inside.


With those lower case i's in your first post............I thought Big John had started "ghost posting" for you.


What about Firestone?.......Would the speakers blow out?

John K.:

Thank's for the info.
I thought the drivers would be fine over time........but, this is my first experience with those type of aluminum speakers.....and I'm a wondering kinda guy.


If the "rubber" was the silicone impregnated type,........ what would the offspring be?

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#99355 - 06/20/05 02:11 PM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
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I have a pair of AX3's that had the surround separated from the cone.
Luckily they were covered under Axioms warranty and replaced with newer drivers.


#99356 - 08/09/05 01:59 PM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
rlev Offline

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I have some Mission 700 I bought back in '81 ... the rubber on both speakers has deteriorated and no longer can hold the cone. These were pretty good speakers when I bought them. Usually rubber dries out ... these look more like they thinned to nothing.

Mission no longer produces quality stuff any more ... only junk IMHO.

#99357 - 08/10/05 02:15 PM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
donjuanmiguel Offline

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Might depend on whether or not the rubber is Michelin or Bridgestone.

and if they are placed on a Ford...

Easy now, I own 2 Fords...

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#99358 - 01/06/06 10:11 PM Re: "Rubber" on the drivers.........
dan_the_man Offline

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LMAO, i agree
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