I have not forked out the money yet for one of the calibration DVD's like DVE or Avia, so I thought I would try using the THX calibration tools on many of the THX authorized DVD's. A few folks on AVSforum have told me that the calibration utilities on the StarWars II DVD are the most recent and very thorough.

So, I started going through them to adjust my Sanyo Z2 projector: Contrast settings, Brightness, BTB (blacker than black) etc... When I came to the blue screen test, it says you have to have some THX Blue Filter glasses, and if you don't have them to skip to the tint/hue tests. Now why would they have this test and not furnish the glasses with the DVD's?

Any ideas for me, I went to the THX website and the link to where you can get them, supposably free, does not work. I'm getting "Page can't be displayed" yada yada yada

So does anybody have ideas on where I can get some of these glasses for the blue color tests....

thanks, Randy

Anthem AVM60 Outlaw 7700 Emotiva A500 Epson 5040UB