I know in-ceiling speakers have acoustic problems but there is no other option here. I'm helping my parents build a HT in the basement and my mother grudginly accepted towers for L and R; for the surrounds, it's either in-ceilings or nothing.

I'm planning on getting 60ti/VP150 for LCR and most likely a harmon kardon AVR435. This will be for a 7.1 setup so I would need 4 in-ceiling speakers, priced around $150 each. There are no walls near where the surrounds will be placed so i'm not sure if di-pole type in-ceilings would help (the HT is not in a dedicated room, but in a niche in one part of an open-layout basement).

My parents are not audiophiles by any stretch. They just want to be able to watch movies on a big screen and have "good" sound. I'm pretty sure any acoustic issues from using in-ceilings will not be an issue for them. I just want to make sure that I pick speakers that will match the axiom sound.