I did it guys. My ride wasn't too happy to see...many huge boxes in his car to go to college, but hey, stuff happens.

Ok, so the pictures.

M22's. VP100. 20" widescreen monitor. Receiver remote. Computer remote. Keyboard. Mouse. Desk.

The setup with the subwoofer. Kinda big. I'm very glad I got a down firing sub! Kicks do no harm.

The computer and receiver connected via digital cable.

Custom stand for back right QS4.

Custom stand for back left QS4 on my closet. It goes up in the cabinet when not in use.

My looong room. I probably will move the desk over a bit to the center, the monitor to the center, and the speaker on to an absent roomate's desk while watching movies. Sadly, my sub cable is JUST long enough, so i can't really move it.


End of pictures!

My first experience in the dorm: Played Blue Man Group: Audio DVD-A.


I didn't even have it all the way up, maybe -15 db. My roomate comes in my room, "I can hear your subwoofer in the other wing." Oops. Other dorm-mates were enjoying the experience in my room.

Yes. So, comments, questions, criticisms, all welcome.


M22s|VP100|QS4s|HSU STF2