I am planning on getting the following setup:

2 x M22
1 x VP150
2 x QS4 (My room is not all that big, i don't know the dimmensions because we bought this house about 2 months ago and haven't been inside since I would estimate 15x15 at the most. We take possession in a weeks time, how big should the room be to justify buying the QS8's?)

My question is this: I don't want to wall mount the QS4's because on one side of my proposed theatre room it is an open room, the only place i could mount is on the back wall. The PROBLEM with the mounts that come from Axiom is that they don't go out far enough from the back wall in order for me to get a 90 degree setup.

And i just can't seem to get myself to drop $260 USD for a couple of stands. Are there any other options for mounting these QS4's? I don't want to use a regular stand for obvious reasons (blocking the bottom sub).

I am thinking about building a stand for the QS4s with an open bottom platform, have any of you done this?

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