So, here is the dillema. 2:00 AM. I want music. Dorm asleep, roomate asleep. Axioms are no go.

So, here we go headphones! In my current headphone search, the following headphones interested me:

I've listed all the lowest prices I could find via

Sennheiser HD 555 ($95)
Sennheiser HD 580 ($150)
Sennheiser HD 595 ($160)

AKG K240S ($99)
AKG K 171 ($130)

Grado SR80 ($95)
Grado SR125 ($150)

The only one of these I tried was the SR80. My friend down the hall has them. I was amazed how much they sounded exactly like the M22's with great, clear treble and midrange. I've read reviews about hwo the SR80's have good, punchy bass. When I was listening to them, I thought...what bass? I mean, it was there, but really didn't have the extension I was looking for when I was listening for it. Also, I could not STAND how they felt on my ears. Within 5 minutes I was consciously trying to recess the itchy uncomfortable feeling to the back of my mind. I probably wouldn't get them just for that reason.

I'd really only like to dish out $100, but if a $150 set of cans will make it worth it, I'll go for it.

From the reviews, I think the Sennheiser 550's or 580's...or 595's would be good for me. The 550's would be if I was fealing cheap. It seems to me the 580's are laid back like the M3's and the 595's are right up front like the M22's. I know they won't sound just like the axioms, but that isn't necessarily what I want. I might just go with the 580's cause they look cool and I can get a laid back presentation, I dunno.

Any recommendations for a headphone newbie that could possibly give me comparisons in reference to the Grado SR80's?


Also, another question I had. I am considering (note: considering) getting a headphone amp. However, the ones from HeadRoom ( are pricy. The cheapest one sports a USB connector for digital output, and the review's I've read really only compare the sound to a laptop or MP3 players sound. I ALREADY have digital output from my computer to my reciever, turning into a near perfect signal, which is part of what you are paying for for the mobile line of amps.

So, would I be able to hear much of a difference between my Yamaha RX-V557 and...

I've partially poked around in the headphone world and my goodness it does go deep. $12,000 CD players, $2000 headphones, $500 Power supplies, $5000

Anyways, I'm turning to you headphone audio experts (or anyone with any kind of experience) for help. So, thanks .

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