I just got the ht 80-ep350 set up. this is my first time ever using a sub with my reciever. I hooked up all the speakers have the qs8's also and vp150. Have the rca jack from the denon sw pre out going to the ep350. But the only time the sub ever works is when the right surround is working. changed all my settings all over the place trying to get it to work but just can't get it. If i do the test tones the sub won't make any noise except when the right surrounds go off. Won't ever just work on its own.
I moved all my speakers to small thinking that could help but nothing. Rebooted the reciever and started all over again but still nothing. Have you guys ever head of any of this? OR have any clue what to do? And what the best settings would be for that sub with those 80's. Or any other advice you can give me. Never had any decent speakers before.
m80's vp150 qs8's ep350 denon 3805