So to start things out, I'll get it out there that I still live at home with the parents. This means that I have one room to set up my HT, which is also my bedroom, study room, game room, etc. Also, thanks to university, I basically live in here since I'm doing homework nearly every minute I'm awake and at home. I'm hoping the new speakers will brighten up that experience a little bit . As far as bedrooms go, it's fairly large (11' wide, 17' long, ~7' high), but it's somewhat oddly shaped. It generally represents a rectangle, but the front right corner is angled for the doorway and the front left corner receeds a bit and is occupied by a book case. There is also a walk in closet in the back right full of storage stuff, but I'm planning on getting some swinging doors to close it off when I'm watching a movie or listening to music.

The one problem I'm facing is locating the rear surrounds. There is a large beam, about 1' deep, hanging below my ceiling that extends the width of the room. Its a main support beam for the main floor (my room's in the basement), so no chance at removing it. How much effect is this going to have on my sound? In the pic, you are looking at the rear left speaker location. The bed extends across the 11' width of the room and the top is 2' off the ground. Since I have limited space, I watch movies sitting on my bed, usually leaning against the back wall. When laying against the wall, my head is between 3-4' off the ground, and while sitting up it's about 4.5' off the gound. I know this isn't the ideal location by any means, but its all I got.

The speaker in the pic is about 1'2" away from the back wall located on a stud (not sure why I needed a stud, it weighs about the same as a loaf of bread ). I can't find my stud finder right now, but I believe the next stud is approximately that same distance further down the side wall. As far as I've heard, the QS8's need to be bolted to a stud to avoid ripping a hole out of the wall due to their weight, which wouldn't really please my parents. So where should I put my QS8's to get the best sound? Same location as that speaker (which is really too high for a direct radiating speaker, I found out the hard way), higher, lower, more into the room? Any help is greatly appreciated.

By the way, this is only a temporary setup until I move out... which I don't know when that is happening. Probably when I finish university in a year and a half. So I just want the best sound I can while I'm here. I plan on keeping these speakers for a good long time.

I'm expecting my speakers to arrive as early as tomorrow. I can't wait

Thanks again.
____________________________ M22 VP100 QS8 EP500 Yamaha HTR-5960