Well heres the question!!!!
Im almost done building my home theater room and over the course of the previous months Ive changed my mind amillion times but I keep coming back to axiom or psb!!!
Heres my setup tell me what you think!
18x14 room w/8'6" ceilings
pioneer vsx 49 tx 7.1 channel reciever
Bag End infra sub 18" powered subwoofer

Leaning towards m22's front ,vp-150center,qs-8 for surrounds,and another pair of m22's for the rear surround duties(thx 2 now recommends direct radiating rears for music listening)

Am I going to have a blast with this setup or am I going to be dissapointed!? 90% of the time I will use this for movie watching!!!! I really want the sound to match the huge screen(123" 16:9) feel!!!!Please help, this is it for my decision on speakers! Also,are the m22s wallmountable for the rears!!!
I could go towers up front but I really like being able hide speakers in the front sound stage,I hope the m22s will do it!
Thanks you for any guidance you can give!!!!