Gave the M3's another listen being powered by the Khartago mono's and they did indeed seem to have some more control vs the jolida, But I still think they just ran out of steam at a certain point. I think the most interesting thing about these is that when I listen to them without doing direct comparions and switching very quickly, I really cannot find any faults with them. I dont listen to a song and think, Well, im missing this, this and this. I just dont.

I have always been a floorstanding speaker type of person. I like the way they look and their size, But i sure could have saved myself alot of money and been much happier years back If i had thought to get the M3's vs the JBL floorstanders I ended up getting while ruling out bookshelves because I didnt think they could fill a room. That is definetly not accurate anymore \:\)
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