Yes, I should have purchased the M80 2 months ago instead of the M22s ... but here I am exploring the possibility of trading up to a pair of M80s.

A few questions:
1. I have read somewhere in the forum that Axiom does not recommend matching Yamaha with M80. Should I be concerned? I mean, Yamaha does not offer the same trade-up program as that from Axiom \:\(
2. I currently have a VP100, should I care for a VP150 for the M80s?
3. How about the sub? I have a <2,500 cu ft. room and a EP350v3. Is it good enough for the time being. Do I need another EP350v3?
4. What would be your trade-up priorities if you were me with a $ constraint? Fronts then center then sub?

Sorry for the long list of unknowns. Appreciate your helps.
Yamaha RXV3800; 2xM80, 2xQS8, VP150 and EP350v3; Panasonic 50" TV; PS3; Harmony One; Denon 3930CI