OK here's the setup.

Denon 4308CI Amp, 4 Axiom M80v2(2 on Front A)(2 on Front B), VP150 Center Channel, 2 QS8 Surround (Have 2 more still in box for Surround Back but not hooked up yet), HSU Research VTF-3 MK3 Subwoofer, 10 awg wire to all speakers. Sub is wired preout from amp.

I've had this amp for a little less than 1 year. Occasionally, I get the chance to JAM when no one is home. Well, Friday was one of those days..... and after a round of trying to crush beer cans with sound waves - my amp shut off. The amp is dead. Still under warranty, so I took it back. They said 3-4 weeks for repair/replacement. They gave me a Denon 2809CI as a loaner.

Anyway, I was concerned with the lack of power from the 2809 I started to wonder if the M80s could be rewired for 8 ohm so that I didn't blow the loaner amp. So I took one of the M80s and remove the speaker wire and jumper clips. I grabbed my Fluke to get am Ohm reading and was surprised to find the the upper posts had a resistance of 9.2 Ohms and the bottom post had a resistance of 3.2 Ohms.

Before I got the resistance reading my thought was to wire the upper and lower posts in series with each other by jumping the lower(-) to the upper(+) and connecting the speaker wire to the lower (+) and upper(-). But after getting a different resistance reading between the upper and lower posts I am assuming that the internal wiring of the M80s is not the way I thought it was. I thought that each pair of binding posts were wired to 1 woofer, 1 mid-range and 1 tweeter.

Any and all comments and suggestion are welcome. I am looking for information on internal wiring of the M80s and possible setup changes that might help the loaner amp survive and improve performance (beer can crushing capability) when the 4308 comes back.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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