I have been "lurking" for about a month...but am really interested in their speakers. I've had the Atlantic Technology 350 series w/2 SVsubwoofers and a pair of 270's for the rears in a 7.1 set-up. I like the "warmer" sound from the AT system....but sometimes I feel I'm missing details and smoother panning from right to left and front to back. I've never been won over by my set up in the sides and rears (seems restrained, if that makes sense). The design of the Quad QS-8's really sounds interesting.

On to the question: Does anyone know/experienced/or could give me an educated guess as to the difference between the two lines of speakers?

Here's what my other system consists of:
Lexicon MC-1
7 Marantz MA-700 amps
Zenith 1080 HD Sat Rec
Sony 7700 modified by MSB Tech w/digital board

The room is a dedicated (non-acoustically treated)14 w x 20L
the system is used for HT only!

I'm interested in the M50's for the front, VP 150 center, and two pairs of QS-8 for the sides and rear. The sides would be mounted on the QSS8 and the rears on wall mounts.

Even though what I'm looking to replace is priced about the same new as the Axiom line, I preceive from other's reports a distinct increase in performance. Just as I did with the AT sub's Vs the Svsubwoofers.

Thanks for everyone's perspective