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I feel your pain. Iíve been following this thread with interest as Iím also in the hunt for a projector and screen and feel like Iíve been chasing my tail for months.

You might consider calling Projector People

All of the feedback Iíve read on them is outstanding. Maybe they could help with some unbiased feedback on what screen will work best for your situation. Also some screen manufactures will send samples of their material which might help you check out how they will hold up to the light.

How is the Panny holding up. Seems like every projector out there in the 2k-5k range has some issue or another. I think Iíve narrowed my choices down to the Panasonic PT-AE3000 and the Epson 6500UB. However, AFAIR Epson releases their new models around September so I might wait to see what they have in store.

Have you used the lens memory feature on your projector much. I will be doing a lot of switching between 1.33 to 1, 1.78 to 1 and 2.35 to 1 and wondered just how well the lens feature worked.

Thanks for posting your experience, your thread is much easier to follow than the ones over at AVS.

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