Well, the Carada screen is up and looks great. With the screen, you can see the subtle differences between the various modes on the Panny 3000. It's fine with some ambient light, but have not tried it for daytime sports. But I'm happy with the purchase. Carada is very solid. The shipment was fast and trouble free. The build was easy, and the screen fits perfectly without a wrinkle or blemish. Images have more pop now, and the black trim works great to really set the image off as if on a TV screen. The darks stay nice and black even with the 1.4 gain - a plus for the Panny.
And by the way, 118 is huge in my room. I chose the smaller trim version to keep it as small as possible, and glad I did as not much room to spare.

I'll get some pics up later, but you get the gist - big white rectangle with black trim.
Panny 3000 PJ, 118" Carada, Denon 3300, PS3, Axiom QS8, PSB 5T, B&W sub, levitating speaker wire