Just wondering if anyone has ventured over to the SVS site as I know they have launched their new AMPS with DSP to replace the aging BASH amps they previously had. I bring it up and also open this to Alan or Ian to see if DSP is something they plan on integrating into their amps in the future as well.

The latest PB12-Plus is a revolutionary leap forward thanks to nearly 300 watts more power than older amps provided, and fine tuning only powerful Analog Devices™ digital signal processors could achieve. New frequency response charts tell the tale here.

Borrowing liberally from its phenomenally successful big brother, the PB13-Ultra, we've kept the latest features in this PB12-Plus, like proprietary free-breathing port flares, and added digital parametric EQ, and even variable pro-grade XLR inputs.

No surprise it rivals the previous generation PB13-Ultra in performance too. Of course that line gets its own new Sledge STA-1000D amp to maintain its edge in our big Powered Box lineup.

So even before you switch it on the PB12-Plus is clearly something different. Tap into depth, low-distortion power, and naturally flat bass response that upholds the SVS legend. With our fifth-generation "Plus" woofer and and that cutting-edge Sledge™ amp you are served an unprecedented combination of performance all still at a rational price.

300 more watts seems like a lot to add to an already acknowledged product?
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