Well, I had been searching the net and the stores for a good sub for both Home theater and Music....very few seemed to do both well. My search brought me to Axiom and that took me to my closest dealer where I got a great deal on an EP-175 sub and a VP-150 center. These were slightly scratched demo models but the price was right. However, They did not come with manuals/boxes or spikes. I set them up and I'm very happy. I have an Integra 5.2 receiver and this was my first Sub. Home theater sounds...WOW!!! Music....WOW!!! Since It's my first sub I'm wondering where I should have the phase switch set to (0 or 180 deg)...also...the Audio/video switch...currently left on Audio but should I put it on Video for Sat TV viewing and movies? (it seems to increase the bass response)

Now the Center channel speaker replaces an 8 yr old PSB 100c which worked pretty well...but that vp-150 was too hard to resist. All the broshures indicate the impedance at 4 ohms but the back of mine says 6 ohms. I notice the vp-150SE has a different layout....I presume to spread the high freq. more...is there much difference? How would you compane it to my old PSB 100c?

Also, Now I have a mixed bag system with Axiom center and Sub and PSB 500 mains and Paradigm Atom rears. Most people recommend matching all speakers...esp tweeters.... However, My system has never sounded better...and I guess that's the main thing.

I'm still in awe of the sub!! Great stuff Axiom....look for my glowing review soon on Audioreview.com