I would think those angled roof lines would be *better* because...


I was just thinking today, that if I were to build a dedicated Theatre Room, from scratch. New Building... would there be benefit in using a different shape for the room.

I was thinking like a top down view of an Axiom Speaker... non parallel sides. I'm thinking, hell, Axiom has already done the engineering and testing for shapes that kill standing waves. My only question is, in doing so they are trying to improve the sound coming *out* of that space. Would it have the same impact *inside* that space?

Awesome or waste of effort?

Not that it really matters. Its just a crazy fantasy at this point, although I may get the opportunity in a few years.


Oh, back to the point, your room looks somewhat like that. Non-parallel sides, flat top, flat floor. I would think the room would be better.
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