This might have been done before, or perhaps discussed before my time here. Regardless, what do you think about including a sheet of perforated/cut cards similar to the following with each speaker order?

The sheet would look something like this on one side:

and each card could have this on the other side:

I note that I should have left the new customer name and audition dates blank on three of those cards, to better show the concept. Oops.

The customer's name and the speaker model information would be preprinted on the card, and the name of person who received the audition could later be written on the card, along with the date of the audition. Redeem the card within 30 (?) days along with an order for new speakers and get some kind of (admittedly inexpensive) Axiom promo item.

The new customer gets a little schwag, and existing customers get proof of an audition being held, and the reward that comes with that. Plus, the new customer *perceives* that Axiom treats and values its customers just as well as we existing customers *know* that they do.

Just an idea. To be adopted or ignored at your discretion. grin