i was reading AudioCircle's forum/Bryston loudspeakers thread, and some comment by Bryston's James Tanner struck me, so here it is for your enjoyment:

"When I was looking around for someone to help me with the Bryston Model T idea there were only a hand full of companies that had the testing facilities (anechoic chamber) and test gear I wanted so it narrowed the field a lot. I phoned Ian at Axiom because I knew he had great facilities and testing gear and had been heavily involved in the listening tests I was involved in years ago at the National Research Council in Ottawa - (boy that brings back a flood of memories) I also knew that Andrew Welker (whom I respected) a design engineer from Canadian company Audio Products days had joined Axiom as well.

Anyway I asked him to send me a pair of the M80's for evaluation and it was a revelation - I have had some serious speakers in my day but the M80 really surprised me. Being the skeptic I am I asked a few friends to come over and audition the system setup in room 3 - see attached. Well everyone thought it sounded terrific and when I told them the price ($1400) it was 'disbelief Squared'

So I decided if this company can get this kind of performance at this price range I found my guy.


The Model T is the name given so far to Bryston's prototype speaker.
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