Hello everyone, just wanted to get your thoughts on a potential upgrade here. I currently have the M22 v3 bookshelf speakers in my 14' x 15' listening space (the room itself is 14' x 22', but the furniture is 14' x 15') and I think they're fantastic. The detail is wonderful and I love their colorless presentation. I'm looking to upgrade though, particularly to achieve more soundstage. I have a great subwoofer already, so I am not very concerned about bass below 60 Hz. I would, however, enjoy a cleaner crossover (right now it's hard to ignore the jump from the M22s to the sub). I don't have a ton of room to vary speaker placement. My M22s are about 6' apart and about 10' from the listening position. They are about 12" from the wall. I could go at most about 1' in either direction sideways and not much further away from the wall. I'm looking at the M60 v3 as a candidate. Can anyone comment on this potential upgrade?