Sheburon, I think you'll find that a book shelf speaker will give you better imaging and sound stage than a floor stander with a more complicated cross-over.

M22s and a good sub are a tough to top combination.

My office system has a pair of Michaura M665s (same 6.5" and 5.25" drivers as the M60/M80 and same 0.75" titanium tweeter as the old M1 and M0 speakers), VP150 center, Dahlquist 15" subwoofer, a pair of Mission 77ds side surround speakers. My office is pretty small, about 14 x 17. That system pressurizes my office pretty spectacularly.

So, if it is a matter of volume and bass slam which appears to be coming from a wall of sound in front or side surrounds, then go with the M60s.

Bottom line, M60s are bigger and will make you feel better. But, a pair of bookshelf speakers and a good sub may be better for 2 channel (2.1) music.
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