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Scott, do tell! You never cease to intrigue.

David, I don't think there is anything "unreal" or inferior about bourbon. It's "different" than Scotch, and perhaps lacks the cachet due to a number of factors (not the least of which are price and Eurosnobbery). My opinion is that American Whiskey is no less noble than Scotch Whisky. I suppose you could make a case that Scotch can be more complex because of the peat, but something isn't necessarily "better" because it is more "complex".

Drink what you like. Honestly, I really wish that I enjoyed Scotch more, because there is obviously tremendous variety and richness in the products.

Yeah, I was joking about the "real whisky thing. That reminds me, Last time we were in Mexico there was a European couple that was giving me a hard time for drinking good ol American whiskey