Well, whether it's spirits or beer or A/V equipment, the whole idea is to enhance the user's quality of life, right? To bring them joy?

"Better" for me might not be "better" for you. I have just never really enjoyed debates about superiority/inferiority of consumer products. I do enjoy hearing about people's experiences, especially ones that have brought them happiness.

I don't own any Bose products. I don't think they sound very good, or present a very good value. It wouldn't bring me joy to use them. However, I can envision a scenario in which a Bose system might be "right" for someone who valued very small form factor, clean aesthetic design and an accessible user interface. If someone had already made that decision, I wouldn't want to try to diminish their joy by asserting that my criteria (sound quality and value) should have been more important to them.

So, I don't think Bourbon is the Bose of the spirits industry. And I don't think there's anything someone could say that would convince me that "Scotch is 'better' than Bourbon".

OTOH, I am absolutely delighted to hear stories about how a particular Scotch tastes, or how much they enjoyed it, or how sharing a wee dram with a friend was a satisfying or memorable experience.
bibere usque ad hilaritatem