He's back. Brutal day at work; two colleagues and my regional manager away so I was four people today. Anyway I am three pints better now but excuse me if I make misteaks.

that sounds like too many numbers

Tough to say that the 150 sounded "better" than the 160; as noted, "similarly good" was discussed. The difference really wasn't subtle, but both were pretty impressive. But we both preferred the sound of the 150. Might have turned out different if we'd stayed another hour or listened to different material. I'm good with the choice.

M22s - I don't think I'll go that way. I had a pair of Paradigm bookshelves when they were a very new company (late 70's maybe? I don't remember the model) and traded them in when I bought the Boston floor standers that will be retired this winter. I think I'll stick with towers.

Lots of time to think about it but yeah, I suspect we'll spend the extra for M60s. Sometimes it gets a bit loud downstairs. This whole upgrade was prompted by popping the tweeter fuses in the Bostons again.

I've seen a few pictures of the Axiom "stronghold" on the web, but I don't think I have seen any with snow on the ground. Maybe I'll make another trip north this winter and surprise you with that.

Anyway. heading downstairs to pop in Alien on Blu-ray - birthday present from the kid. Again - it might get loud.