no, it's not typical of customer service with axiom. everyone makes mistakes. having said that, rather than write this post you should have contacted axiom via telephone (email, but phone is better) and talk with them. then after dealing with them you should have created this thread about how it's being handled.

i have had to send back a vp180v3 speaker (they sent me the wrong one) and a woofer from a m2v3. dealt with them over the phone, they had the speaker to me in 2 days and the woofer to me in 3.

commented on this in a thread after dealing with them. so, you should call them (you didnt' mention that you did so we are gathering that you didn't) and see what they have to say. if you did already call them (not mentioning it in your post) let us know how that went.

i have never had a problem with customer service from axiom, ever.

please keep us posted.
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