Andrew, I appreciate your response along with everyone else who has responded. I removed all the RCA connectors and unplugged the HDMI cable. Cleaned the preouts, connected the front speakers and HDMI cable to channel 1 and 2. I removed the HDMI cable set top box to test for a ground loop.

The front channels worked as advertised. I connected the center, surround (front and back), and the subwoofer to the amp. The hum was obviously a ground loop (Thanks Dakkon!, you saved me a lot of time troubleshooting for a ground loop). I have had ground loops before, but never as loud as I heard on Monday. The issue of not having sound from my system is a mystery to me. I cranked up the volume on my receiver and only heard a "hum on steroids". The kind you normally hear right before you see smoke coming from your favorite amp. I spoke with Brent and ordered an Axiom ground isolator. I will update my post tonight after I hook everything back up to the amp.