My question is this: I have always had a problem blowing speakers by playing them too loudly. Can anybody tell me how loud I can play based on the hardware I am using. I am not technical at all when it comes to this stuff.

Denon 4308
M80 v2
VP150 v2
EP500 v2
QS8 v3
10, 12 or 14 gauge speaker wire, can't remember what I used, no length longer than 25ft

When I want to listen loud I stay at -8db, thats not to say I wouldn't want to play louder if I could...thanks!

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Sharp Aquos LC60LE650U/Onkyo TX-NR5010/Axiom M100/Axiom VP150 v2/Axiom EP500 v2/Axiom QS8 v3