Because you will likely read an opposing view soon, let me just focus on the middle ground and say that while there may be two camps as to the effect of a strong focus on the choice of amplification, I think we will all agree that speakers do indeed create the largest impact in your resulting sound by a significant margin. (Sorry, bit of a run on sentence there)

I absolutely cherish my M60s but I would definitely redirect some budget dollars into QS8s instead of 4s and although I also own and am very pleased with my VP150, I would currently have spent more on upgrading that to a VP160 or VP180. They were not choices available to me at the time of my investment.

If the above meant that you had to go with only a receiver instead of added, 3rd party amplification , then you are still going to be EXTREMELY pleased with that combination. If you still feel the need to add additional amplification, you can always save up and add it later.

Final note: The M60s are actually pretty efficient speakers. You do not need a lot of power at all to drive them cleanly to very,very loud levels. Louder than you should be listening to. Unless you are trying to reach the back of an exceptionally large room, or you like your music so loud you will be deaf in a year then strictly 'power' is the least of your worries.

In short, go for the biggest bang for your buck first.

With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.