I didn't reverse the polarity. They were all set right. I thought maybe since I have problems with waves canceling each other out, that I could reverse the polarity of one of the speakers to move the bass hole somewhere else. It's just something I thought of from my understanding of waves. I have no idea if it is a proper way of fixing a bass hole.

Moving the m60s sounds like a good experiment. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. I rarely get time to myself in the family room since we have 2 kids who just turned 1 and that's their play area. At night bass experiments won't go over well. Thanks for everyone's tips. I'm glad it is not something wrong with the m80s. I had a nagging feeling something was broken and that is gone now. The bass is strong enough for me just 5 feet forward so I'll try to get that working for me somehow.