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I didn't need 2 EP800s in this room shaking things off the walls. Especially with little babies in the house. {{SNIPPED}} I rarely needed the SVS PB12 NSD subwoofer turned on. That system is now in my 1200sqft basement and I still don't need the sub.

Auto, if you have a sub downstairs that isn't needed, why not move it upstairs?

I'm guessing in a huge room like that, it won't be overkill by any means, but might give you some lower end that you're not getting in that null....especially if you do the sub crawl to find the best location to fill the null.

If it works, then you can decide if you want the sub there, want a sub that might look more aesthetically pleasing in that nice room, or if you're willing to not use a sub at all.

But I would say that as long as you have a sub downstairs that's not needed there, why not try it upstairs?
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