yes by .2 I was referring to a 2nd sub.

Here's a Q. For rear surrounds, what I have planned is left surround at 132* (recommendation is 135-150*). I can not increase this angle.
The right, to keep some symmetry on the back wall, is planned at 146*

Thoughts on that?

Also as far as height, I am planning on the sides to be the same elevation as the rears. Planning on QS8s for those positions, and not sure how much clearance is desired to the ceiling.

Currently I have the bottoms of the sides and rears at 95 1/2 " (just shy of 8 ft). that places them roughly 49 1/2" above listening level.

On the sides that allows the tops of the speakers to clear the
the ceiling by 27 1/2 ".

I can not lower the sides, I can raise them though if desireable.

Keeping the sides and rears bottoms level, the rear tops of the speakers have clearance to the ceiling of roughly 41 1/2".


Other Facts: The sides are at 90*. I could if needed increase this slightly.

The front mains are at 14* each. I can not change that. I know 22-30* is desired.
Pio 94,SB3,BD30,A35,Pio 48AV.Pronto 7000 controlling all. Getting ready for 22s, 150 & QS8s.