What Axiom subwoofer(s) do you own?

Where do you have the Level, Frequency, Phase, and Subsonic Filter (if applicable) controls set?
~9 o'clock, 150Hz, 0°, N/A

How are you connecting your signal source to the subwoofer (RCA/XLR/High Level)?

What receiver/processor/pre-amp/integrated amplifier are you using?
Onkyo TX-NR809

What are you using for your main speakers?

Where do you have the crossover frequency and trim levels set in your processor/receiver for your main speakers and your Axiom subwoofer?
40Hz for mains, 120Hz for sub(?)

Are you using the trigger on your subwoofer?
No, did not work properly on last amplifier, haven't tried it on newest replacement. Would like to use it.

Many, many thanks for your input! [/quote]

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