Well since I couldn't edit my previous post I'll just add it here since I just received my subs.

2 x EP500v3 - using a y splitter - RCA to my Denon 3808CI
1pr M22's as mains
VP 150v3
QS4's v2

All speakers crossed at 80 and set to small.

The subs I had to turn up the gain on the back almost half way to get Audyssey to hear anything from them. I settle on +2.5 for each sub individually when I ran Audyssey then with both plugged in and running Audyssey it set them to -.5 which I then upped by 2db to +1.5

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M22's v3, 2 x EP500v3, VP150v3, QS4's, Denon 3808CI

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