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Quake, welcome. Depending on your budget, either the EP350 or EP500 should be considered. I use the EP500, and the lower extension is significant on some of the movie material you watch. The factor of the mains being on-wall doesn't really create an even greater advantage, since any relative weakness of that design would be in the mid-bass around 70-80Hz, and any good sub covers that well.

Thanks JohnK, that is really helpful! I guess I didn't think of it that way.

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SVS is available in canada direct from sonicboomaudio.com

I read alot about this company. They seem to really know their stuff when it comes to subwoofer. The thing is, I already got a gift certificate which brings the EP500 right in my budget. Plus, the service/warranty/return policy with Axiom is next to none in my opinion.