The LFR1100s were certainly a radical change from what Axiom was known for over the years, however, because of its increased size and the external equipment required to operate them, it comes at a considerably heftier price which I would suspect many present M80 owners, including myself, probably don't think the theoretical performance improvement is worth all that extra cash. Others may think different.

From what I have seen over the years, regardless of the manufacturer, other than maybe some rearrangement of the drivers and size of the cabinets, it is essentially about changing the aesthetics and cabinetry and the fancier and more elaborate the cabinetry the more expensive the speaker. I think, at times, those that have bought this higher cost type of speaker, psychologically believe that the fancy new cabinet is going to give them audibly better sound. The actual design of the electronics and "sound" probably hasn't really changed that much if at all from the previous model.

I prefer what Axiom does in that they give you the option of the cabinetry you want where other manufacturers, especially with their "top of the line" model might only give you two or three options with the cost already built in. If I buy a pair of LFR1100s in their standard finish I am still getting the same sound even though someone else insisted on spending the extra couple of grand or so to have them in rosewood or high gloss black.