I just did a quick check and saw that a 90” Sharp LED was running about $11k so I can’t even imagine what a 134” plasma would cost or weigh if even made. So to answer the original question no don’t see any likelihood of abandoning the projector.

I’ve never noticed “iris pumping” with either of my Panasonic projectors. The only time I notice it is when switching output modes.

Like ghost says picture size adds a quality all its own to the image. When fired up my first Panasonic my jaw hit the floor I was so amazed at the PQ. When I upgraded to a newer model Panasonic my jaw hit the floor again at how crappy the PQ of my first one was. So I have to say that Michael-d is spot on when he advises getting a mid-high range projector.

BTW I stuck with the Panasonic because it has one of the lowest input lag levels which is important for me since I over about 50% of my use it video/computer gaming with only about 5-10% dedicated movie watching the rest is just general computer use so lag became more important for me than just shadow detail and black levels but for primarily movie use I would lean more toward those specs.
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