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Chris, welcome. You should be able to spread each M80 a foot wider(and be sure that they and the center are slightly in front of the surface of the equipment stand). Generally, if the room is available, the mains should be spread about the same amount as the distance to the listening position.

As to the power, as other replies have indicated, there should be no problem at any safe(to your hearing)listening level. The setting on the volume control doesn't directly indicate amplifier power and varies with the level of the source materials. It shouldn't be a matter of concern.

So if I'm understanding you correctly, I should pull the M80's 6" or so forward and a foot or more away from the stand. Now the center, I should bring it closer to me or? That center channel is a joke now with the M80 fronts and M22 rears, lol.

Something like this;

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