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What about the VP150?

Price is good, it's big enough (27")
Do the 160 and 180 really pound that much harder?

It's not about how much bass they put out; it's more about the full sound spectrum that the 180 can cover. It’s hard to put into words; due to the significant amount of audio material in the Center channel of almost any content one watches. Having a full sized center channel is the ideal situation. The dialog from conversations, as well as musical content coming from the center channel is much more realistic with a speaker that has a larger frequency response.. It’s more of a “presence” issue than a bass issue. I had a VP-150 for many years with my M60’s, and always felt that the 150 was not enough speaker to match the over -all output of the M60’s.. With a similar sized speaker the entire sound stage can be better balanced….

That is my rational for getting my 180…