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Mark, on my tv it automatically switches (if set for that) to "24p" for movies and that will not produce artifacs like jerkiness.
On video programs, 24p switches off and then images are also smooth.
I've never had problems with fast moving scenes.

Could these be called Anti Soap Opera Effect ?

I believe the soap opera effect is caused when the TV creates extra frames to match it's native refresh rate from material that has less. The result is a crisper image with less judder. The problem is movies (film) are mastered differently than video (TV) shows in that they are usually less detailed and smoother partially due to the fewer frames per second. This technology make everything looking like soap opera TV.

AFAIK all LCD's have this problem because they have fixed refresh rates while plasma's do not. It seems that some newer LCD's have gotten more sophisticated about fixing this issue but when I tour Best Buy or Costco I still see many TVs with the soap opera effect. It's not caused by the LCD technology per se, it's the software in the TV which can usually be turned off.
HT v2.0 !
HT v1.0