Hi All:

Been reading through 1000 plus forum posts all over the place including AVS forums etc.

I am leaning towards ID company. I actually thought I had my speakers all picked out which were Klipsch RF series..then I went to hear them..and I didnt really love them. The highs were really high and it got to me some..also the mids seemed a little muffled...

Next I heard PSB... Nice for music...bleh for HT (IMO of Course).

Now I am looking at Axiom and they sort of look like a Polk. I was reading and they seem to have some of the same characteristics of the Klipsch which makes them great for HT ...but may sound the same as the Klipsch (too high and fatiguing to me).

So a few things that worry me I hope someone can help with:

1) Has anyone auditioned both the Klipsch RF-82 or 62 and these and what was your opinion.

2) Does the Polk Audio RTI-12 for example...sound like a reasonable comparison?

3) These are 4 ohm right? What do you need to power these bad boys? I was looking at the M80 x 2 and the VP180 with the bigger surrounds in back... I probably want to get the Onkyo 818...


4) Finally I live in Montgomery County PA... Anyone mind letting me audition your setup?

I know the return policy but besides the plain head ache of sending back speakers (and the guilt I feel) I still am out several hundred dollars in shipping costs.

I been looking at the Aperion Grands and the Tekton Pendragons...

I am looking at 95 percent HT and 5 percent music use. Thanks tons and tons!