I've had this idea to have Axiom add to their FAQ page, or maybe even setup a FAQ page based on suggestions from the forum users, to answer alot more of the most common and recurring questions.
This way forum users can easily direct the first time newbies to the Axiom FAQ before answering more of their questions.

So here are my suggestions for additions to the Axiom FAQ (add to the list as you will):

1) What is biwiring?
2) Will biwiring add to the speaker performance or make them sound better?
3) What is biamping? (use some simple diagrams to illustrate the above)
4) What type of speaker wire is best for use with my Axioms?
5) Is $15/ft speaker wire better sounding than $2/ft speaker wire?
6) Will my Axioms work and sound good with a different brand of speaker?
7) Where should i place my surround speakers? (diagrams)
8) How do i properly setup my subwoofer in my room?
9) How do i calibrate my home theatre setup?
10) What is Amie's middle name and why? How old is Ian really? (diagrams)

11) Why does Randyman get to live where he does and how come he hasn't invited the rest of us to visit yet? (map)

Remember now, these are PURELY suggestions.

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