I don't plan on buying any speakers now but later down the road I will replace my mains. I was thinking of getting a pair of Cerwin Vega VF-15's but since I'm getting older (I'm 16 now) I guess I will start going towards more quality over quantity. I'm looking at either going with a pair of Axiom Audio Millennia M80ti towers or a pair of PSB's Image 7PT towers. These speakers would be used for about 70% music and 25% games and 5% movies. Odds are these speakers are going to powered by a HT receiver, first an Onkyo TX-DS595 (which I have now) then I might upgrade to an Onkyo TX-DS797, TX-DS898, or a TX-DS989 ver2. I can get both speakers for about th same price so it comes down to which is just a better speaker. So which one of these clean looking speakers do you think is worth my hard earned money?

Thanks for the help,