I am planning on upgrading my current speaker and HT setup and have recently found the glowing Axiom reviews. I am not sure if I want floor-standing speakers or bookshelves (have always had bookshelves), but I want a strong front pair for music (all kinds - classical, acoustic, rock), as well as a good HT system. My room is 13.5x24, with the TV along the 13.5' wall. I have about 8' between my speakers, so they have to be within 2' of the side walls. Would the M60s be too large for this room? If not, what would the ideal surround setup for this room? Is the VP100 adequate or is the VP150 better? Likewise for the EP175 vs. 350 and QS8 vs. QS4. Price is an object, but I'd like to know what to shoot for. I currently have a JVC receiver (80Wx5), but am also planning to upgrade this, as it lacks 5.1 decoding. Thanks.