I have an onkyo receiver that was hooked to a pair of older 4ohm vegas and I could crank the hell out of them with no problems.picked up a pair of m-80's after being told by axiom my receiver would be abel to handel them no problem.......WRONG!turned up the volume to a moderate level and triped off the auto protect.a little bit of heavy bass and off went the protect.talked to the members of this board and got the same results,you should be o.k. check this,check that,it must be this,it must be that.wrong!the answer is quite simple,the m-80's are power hogs!you're receiver will not be able to handle the power consumption of the m-80's.the correct solution is to either pick up a 400 watt/channel power amp or sell the speakers.for some reason these members on this board and the company it's self keep steering unsuspecting consumers to to the m-80's telling them thers no reason you should'nt be able to power these speakers with you're a/v receiver.on the other hand I did pick up an outboard amp and I'm extremly pleased with the results because my m-80's now can finaly sing.