I think that your comments are a little out of line. The M80's are not power hogs, they are actually a very easy 4 ohm load for receivers to drive. You do not need 400w per channel to drive a speaker just because the rating says it can HANDLE 400 watts. A measure of how hard it is to drive a given speaker is reflected in the efficiency rating of the speaker such as 95db@1w/1m. the lower the number for example 85db@1w/1m the harder (more power it takes) to drive that speaker. The M80's are actually one of the easier 4ohm speakers to drive. You should really try to understand ratings and specs before you spout off. There are lots of people running these speakers on lesser amps with no problems, and on the same amp as Doug has with no problems. I have run these units off a Yamaha RXV995 a Denon 3802 and now off the Denon 5800. I have even tried them on an old Sansui G5700 just for the hell of it, that is not even rated for 4ohm speakers with no problems at any level.