it seems that alot of people have no problem running their 80's off a 50 watt per channel receiver.I'll even bet you I can run them off a cheapo 25 watt receiver but whats the point of even buying these speakers if you can't get them to stand up!I bought the m-80's for power and sound.take a good look at them on axioms web page,six drivers and a power rating of 400 watts!these speakers are not for mellow listening and for small rooms there built for power.sure they sound good at low levels but my point is most a/v receivers can't handel these 787 could'nt as for alot of other people on this board who seem to have the same problem.I feel the m'80's are an awesome speaker but this company in my opinion dose or has misrepresented these speakers to the customer on what kind of equipment you can use with them.I don't recall any posts saying my auto-protect keeps going off on my m40'm-50'or m-60's and their sensativity ratings are lower then the m-80's.I feel that I"m not out of line here and only stateing what I have experienced.I would recommend axiom speakers to any one but tell them you need some serious power to run the m-80's.