I have just set up my new Home Theatre system using primarily "entry level" Axiom equipment, and a couple of new 'older model' system units, namely a TEAC AGD 9100 receiver and ONKYO DV-C501 5-disc DVD/CD player. I am generally very impressed with the total effect, especially listening to my music, which ranges from Folk Rock (The Band) to Blues and Jazz, with a little Pop (Santana) thrown in for good measure. My Axiom speakers consist of a VP100 centre, front M1Ti bookshelves, rear QS-2's corner mounted fairly high up on the wall, and the EP125 sub. Since my living room area is roughly 18X12 with 8 ft. ceilings, but opened completely to the rest of the "open concept" 700 sq.ft. living/dining/kitchen/sunroom/entry foyer of my home, I had misgivings about lack of presence in the
"surround effect" of this entry level setup, but I was delighted with the outcome. The only misgiving I might have would be with the M1Ti's, which seem somewhat overwhelmed by the VP100, and having to make the choice over again, I might then go with Axiom M3Ti's, or at least the M22i's for my fronts. Due to the open concept (although the hardwood floors may be helping somewhat), I do have to run the EP125 sub at 3/4 volume level and the full 150 Hz crossover frequency setting to get the roughly 700 sq. ft. space adequately "filled", but if the equipment holds up, I am generally a happy camper with my purchase. I would advise any newbie coming into this Home Theatre scenerio to do their homework, get advice from Axiom, and listen to some of the competition's equipment set up in a "side by side" comparison at EQUAL system settings. I was lucky enough to do this recently at several audio retailer locations in the Toronto/Mississauga area, and although "equally impressed" with the Paradigm and Mission products, chose Axiom based on equivalent quality and MUCH more reasonable price. In fact, my Axiom/Teac/Onkyo system came in several hundred dollars below both similar Dalquist and Polk Audio speaker based systems, neither of which impressed me at all!!! Anyone wanting to get some Axioms and other related electronics are free ot contact me for my source in T.O. and I promise you won't be disappointed...and yes, I did price compare at Best Buy, 2000 Audio/Video, and Future Shop as well as a few other stores.
(unrepentant newbie)