My first "ringer" experience was with a "demo" cassette tape, (used for the "new" personal cassette player/recorders) I somehow ended up with, from my local music store.....(when I was a kid). The sound was MUCH better than regular, pre-recorded cassettes. Since the songs were not by the original artists, I soon lost interest in the tape.

My next encounter was with Ford's (to demo automotive audio) "loran" brand demo cassettes (from the 80's)....great sound from "cherry picked" songs, and loran's production values, (original artists too).

Fast forward to the late 90's.......I wandered into the local factory outlet mall, and went into the Bose store.
I wanted to hear the Bose wave radio/cd.
The salesman had a
"Bose demo cd" in all the units on display....... (even with that "ringer" cd, I was not impressed with the sound).

Finally, not too long ago, I was looking (pre-Axiom) at Martin-Logan speakers at my local Sound advice/Tweeters.
The salesman pulled from his desk..............that's right, "special" cds that he kept for demo's.
The reason I wanted to post this, is to alert "newbies" (and anyone else) to make sure when auditioning speakers, that you are just auditioning the speakers, not special, "hi-fi" cds too.

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