well you can tell I'm bored at work.

First off a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Axiom and the posters at this forum. I wish all of you much success in the coming months.

now my question. What is the future of center speakers with regards to plasma TV's.

The one thing I like about plasma is the thin design and the ability to be wall mounted thus getting rid of the enormous footprint that current TVs demand. It just looks cleaner and adds to a rooms decore rather than dominating it.

Sooner or later the prices will reach the point where everyone will be buying them ...at that time what happens to the center speaker. The idea of having a thin TV with a huge box jutting out from above is not very appealing at all. Do you see it being replaced by one that is mounted in the wall?

anyhow enough of my thoughts.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday

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